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Everyone has a plan.

Very few have Timmesse.

Born in Memphis my daddy, Timothy Thompson named me after himself and the great state of Tennessee. In that same fashion, I pilot my life...starting with enough confidence that Timothy should be a girl's name, coordination, sheer determination, unmatched creativity, and a lot of passion. 

     Professionally I have planned hundreds of Private and Corporate Events In Arizona, Memphis, Texas, Las Vegas, and Mexico. My favorite pastime is crafting or browsing stores' online and physical aisles for party supplies. The best feeling after planning an event is the excitement of the next one approaching. After having my daughter and meeting her father, the only thing closest to matching those moments is before the caterer arrives but after almost all of the decor is set up. When I inspect the last arrangement or chair cover and take a look at what we have worked so hard to accomplish. The moment I realize that everything is exactly what you envisioned. This is why I plan events. ​

     Timmesse Events was established in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona so that I can plan events that I am personally excited about while avoiding the status quo. Clients aren't retained here for cash flow but for unmatched creativity.  Because Timmesse Events is my hobby I am able to offer a level of dedication and passion to your event that you cannot get elsewhere.

     I haven't met you and I already know that there is something truly unique about your experiences that you want to share with others for your event. Getting to know who you are on an individual level is how I create experiences just as unique as you are. I want to thank you in advance for your time and for allowing me to coordinate your event.


Owner & Director of Events

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